Your self worth is all about how you view yourself and the value you provide to others. It
is very closely linked to your self-esteem, which is how you feel about yourself. Your self
worth is much more important than you might imagine, as it can change your entire
mindset and actually keep you from being successful in your personal and professional
life. Keep reading if you want to learn how to improve your self-worth.

Tell Your Inner Critic to Chill

If you have low self-esteem or find that you are constantly berating yourself, it is likely
the fault of your inner critic. This is the voice in your head that keeps you bringing you
down every time you want to think positively of yourself. Maybe it tells you that you can’t
achieve something, that you are doing everything wrong, or that you will never be good
enough. Not only does it create this negative mindset that is really hard to get past, but
you often believe all of these thoughts, continuing to devalue yourself until you truly
believe you will never be able to achieve something.

The first step to finding your self-worth and gaining more confidence is to tell this inner
critic to quiet down. It isn’t easy in the beginning, but with time, you will start gaining
more tools to focus on the positive aspects of your own talents and successes, not the

Celebrate Your Own Successes

The first way you can begin ignoring that voice in your head and feel good about
yourself and your own achievements is to acknowledge and celebrate your successes.
Big or small, everyone has something they can be happy or proud of. Perhaps you got
into college or graduated with honors, you finished a project at work that was very
challenging, or you have learned a new skill that wasn’t the easiest thing to do. Really
reflect on your past and present, and celebrate every single success you have had.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

You will get this advice quite a bit when you are working on self-improvement, and the
reason is because the people you surround yourself make all the difference. If most of
your friends and loved ones are putting you down or lacking the right support, you aren’t
going to feel very good about yourself. You need uplifting, supportive people who will
help you along the way, encourage you, and keep reminding you of your worth, and
soon you will feel that way too.

Practice More Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness is another integral part of increasing your self-worth. If you don’t feel
that you deserve something or that you can’t work hard at something and achieve it,
then maybe you should figure out why. What thought, feeling, motivation, or fear is
keeping you from valuing yourself? There is likely something you will discover if you
look within yourself enough.

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