Jealousy can be a good thing at times, but there can be a very visible point where
jealousy can cause serious damage to the relationships that you have with the people
around you. It can be very difficult to overcome, but with a focused effort, you can
improve your viewpoint of others and make yourself available for other healthy
relationships and interactions with others. In the next few paragraphs, this article will
attempt to share a few key tips for getting over your jealous feelings.

Confront Your Jealousy Head On

In order to begin to deal with your feelings of jealousy, you must acknowledge that they
exist. Jealousy is a normal part of being human, and even though cultural factors to play
a hand in the feelings of jealousy, they are intrinsically universal in some form. It’s
important to note that in many cases, jealousy can be the result of a negative self-image
that is kept hidden from others. One of the most jarring things that will learn is that this
image of yourself only lives in your mind, and is completely cut off and non-existent in
the reality that you occupy in your daily life. Be sure that you don’t get caught in a cycle
of beating yourself for experiencing these feelings.

Relearn Who Your Are

When you are feeling like your status is threatened, it’s a good idea to spend some time
becoming acquainted with yourself. Spend some time recounting the things that make
you feel good about yourself. It’s very important to remember that you shouldn’t
compare yourself to the person that you imagine you should be, because this person is
also a false representation of who you are. Examine yourself from outside the rigid
dichotomy of your most negative version of yourself and the most idealistic, because
neither truly exist and as a result have no actual consequence.

Learn A New Skill

One way to get away from the feeling of jealousy would be to do some work on yourself.
You can do this by either learning a new self-enrichment activity, or by channeling your
power into other pursuits like learning how to have more control over your emotions.
The more you do this, the easier it will become, but it takes practice and won’t happen
overnight. After a while you will learn to pay more attention to what triggers these
feelings and rise above them.

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