People like to throw around terms like “self-care” and “self-improvement” when talking
about anything and everything, but they aren’t always relevant to your situation. Instead
of thinking of the more generic self-help book tips and advice, focus more on personal
growth. This is when you really just want to become the best version of yourself, no
matter what that means to you. Here are some ways to get the most out of your self-
improvement journey by focusing on your own personal growth.

Do Things Your Own Way

While it is good to see what others are doing to feel inspires and motivated, this doesn’t
mean you need to worry about doing things exactly the same. This isn’t just an issue
with ‘copying’ someone or following the leader, but it can create an unhealthy obsession
with comparing yourself to others. This is your journey and should be unique to you. Try
to think outside the box and approach things from a different angle. Do things yourself,
using your own unique skills and traits to add to whatever it is you are working toward.

Find Continuous Motivation

Motivating yourself to keep up with personal growth is another important aspect of self-
improvement. If you find that you go hard in the beginning, then your motivation fizzles
off, you need to keep finding what will motivate you. Again, don’t compare your
motivation to someone else’s, as it often won’t be the same. You can be motivated by
success, pride, money, family or friends, just about anything. Some people are
motivated by others, while others are motivated simply by how you want to feel about

Improve Your Practical Skills

Continue working toward improving your own practical skills, which are going to be tools
that help you achieve your goals. Self-improvement is about learning and growing,
which often means taking classes, learning, studying, and getting help from others.
Think of practical skills that will help you get to where you want to be on a personal or
professional level.

Create Healthy Habits

Healthy habits can also make a big difference with your personal growth. It is hard to
focus on mental health when your physical health is suffering, and vice versa. Both
should be equally important in your life, all of which start with those daily habits. Healthy
habits include drinking enough water, having a healthy diet, getting regular physical
activity, writing in a journal, and continuing to work on yourself.

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